About Camel Brand Co. Ltd.

The business was established in 1950 by Emanuel Micallef, which consisted of manufacturing Helwa tat-Tork. At that time the company was named Emanuel Micallef and sons. By market demand the company Emanuel Micallef and sons kept on manufacturing Helwa tat-Tork and started introducing other products. In 1995 the company expanded to bigger premises in Zebbug. Due this change and company expansion, a new brand name was introduced for marketing and promotion purposes. The company was introduced as Camel Brand Co. Ltd.

Meanwhile Camel Brand Co. Ltd. start to increase more items, chilled and dry products, and importing directly raw materials for packaging and other needs. The company always ensures that the product is delivered in the highest packaging quality to ensure freshness.

The need of new modern machinery was required and new investments where done, and nowadays the company is equipped with high technology machinery, while keeping always updated to provided high quality products. The premises of Camel Brand Co. Ltd. is equipped to meet the standards of Hygene and Safety regulations according to the E.U. Directives.

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